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Since April 2013.
Welcome to my blog. This blog is for my fanart of BBC Sherlock and Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

BBC Sherlockとベネディクト・カンバーバッチ氏とマーティン・フリーマン氏が大好きです。



We had a brilliant day shooting Benedict Cumberbatch for the November cover story of @outmagazine in the amazing Barbican conservatory amongst all the tropical plants   with photographer @samuelbradley .
Thanks @seonaseonaseona the producer.

I used products from Sisley Paris for a natural and healthy look

Restorative Facial cream which is very soothing and nourishing with Shea butter , it soothes any skin irritations and sunburn so its great to use in the summer when the skin has seen a lot of sun. I find it very light and easy to apply  £85.00. Next i used Nutritive lip balm which is very hydrating without being greasy , some lip balms can look like lip gloss, not a look most men appreciate.RRP £44.00 . Very little makeup was needed , just a little Phyto-Cernes Eclat concealer in shade 2 which is great for smoothing any fine lines and camouflaging imperfections  and finished off with a little Phyto-Poudre in Shade 2 RRP £62.00 . I love this powder because its very sheer and invisible and i find i can use on all light to medium skin tones .

For the ‘Very little makeup was needed’ comment: naturally perfect ;)